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Filipina Bar Girls

The hottest filipina bar girls!
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Thai Bar Girls

The hottest thai bar girls!
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"Your FREE Source to Asian Bar Girls"

Asian Bar Girls is your dedicated free source to asian bar girls. We supply you with free pictures and videos of asian bar girls from Thailand to the Philippines!

Thai Bar Girls

Thai Bar girls are unlike their working bar girl partners anywhere else in the world. These aren't some burnt out prostitutes from the west but good looking young thai girls who work as bar girls to please your every wish.

Filipina Bar Girls is the top source for the hottest filipina bar girls working the bars around the Philippines. As well as provide reviews of hot Asian porn sites dedicated to filipina bar girls!

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Roadhouse Saint Patty's Party

Visit Roadhouse on Wednesday March 16th for a bit of Irish fun as they celebrate St. Patricks Day- Before "Danny Boy Bash"! Read more


The Champagne Group

Since 1996, the Champagne Group has been operating some of the most popular nightclubs in Angeles City. These are the go-to places to find the hottest asian bar girls, the best stocked bars and the best entertainment in the city. Read more


The Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City

As the entertainment capital of the Philippines, Angeles City is the ultimate destination for meeting hot Asian bar girls. It’s a great place to have a great time, but everyone needs somewhere to stay where they can really enjoy the company of their new Asian lady friends. Read more


The Body Shop

It seems The Body Shop website has been resurrected from the dead. Not quite sure if the pricing is up-to-date on their website but the background music is kick ass! Read more


The Extasy Club

The Extasy Club is located on Fields Ave. across Genesis Bar. They are offering local drinks at P60 all day/night and ladies drinks at P150. Also, when purchasing a ladies drink you will get a free local drink. Read more